God has called us to work alongside Jonathan and Rachel Facenda in their church plant in Daegu, South Korea. We will be assisting them in their ministry in establishing the church. While we are working with them, we will be fully focused on learning the difficult Korean language. Through Gods grace and training for our future ministry, God has already enabled me to learn some of the Korean language. I can read and write the language already. While I was working with the Korean church in Charlotte, NC and attending Ambassador Baptist College, God sent a good Korean friend by the name of Joseph Han to teach me the Korean language. He spent a year teaching me the language. I am not fluent in the language, but God used him to give me a great boost in learning it.

Once our language learning is complete, we will be transitioning to move to the border region of Goseong, South Korea to plant a church on the border. Once this church has been established, it is our desire to start a creation ministry to help combat the rise of evolution in South Korea. We will begin translating creation research and scientific journals for distribution throughout South Korea. A recent survey was taken which showed that of all students entering college in 2016 only 3% were Christian. It is a 17% drop from 10 years earlier when the same survey was taken. This is due in part to the rise of Evolution being taught in the school systems but also due in part to materialism. It is our desire when this ministry is started to be training a national to take over as pastor of the church. We have further plans for a radio and internet ministry. This will help us distribute the creation ministry material as well as get the gospel to those surrounding us. Once this aspect of our ministry is complete we will then transition to planting other churches situated throughout this region.