Kurt Robertson’s Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home, but I did not come to know the Lord until I was twelve. At the age of 12, my uncle paid my way to attend a Christian Camp in New Hampshire. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior on Friday, July 26, 1995. When I returned home to Charleston, my parents continued to attend a church that did not teach to whole counsel of God. At 16, I felt as though God was calling me to preach, but I did not have good counsel and decided that it was not something that I wanted to do. I told God no and joined the USMC. I was medically discharged 30 days before 9-11. I spent several years running from God. Finally in July 2004, while working for the North Charleston Police Department as a Community Service Officer, I repented of my sinful ways and surrendered my life to His will. I was baptized and joined Northside Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor John Stevens. I began to thoroughly study His word and once again God revealed to me His desire for me to preach His word. In the Christmas following, we had a mission’s conf. and during the conference the Lord impressed upon me His desire to surrender to missionary service. I surrendered to His call and left my Career at the NCPD to attend Ambassador Baptist College. While attending the college, the Lord burdened my heart to plant a church in Charlotte, NC with Pastor Norman Johnston. During the church plant, God led Pastor and me to plant another church, Korean Bible Baptist Church. It was during this time that God called me to reach the Korean people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rachel Robertson’s Testimony

I was born into an unsaved home. At the age of 8, a Baptist church was started the rural area of Allentown, PA. As a result of this church plant, we began to attend church and my parents received Christ as their personal Savior. When I was thirteen, God began to convict me of my sin and my need for a Savior. On June 21, 1999 I received Christ as my personal Savior. A few years later God moved my family to attend Valley View Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Stoeckmann. While attending church there, God led me to attend Ambassador Baptist College to Major in Early Childhood Education. I graduated from Ambassador in May, 2009. I worked as a teacher at the Christian school of Tri-City Baptist Church. I was heavily involved in the Reformers Unanimous program of the church and loved my time ministering to people. The Lord used this as the ground work for calling me and my husband to the people of Korea. I went through some difficult trials and God brought me through them. God was working on my heart to surrender my life to full time ministry. It took some time and counsel but eventually I surrendered my heart to missionary service in May 2012. God then led me to help out at a new church plant in Charlotte, NC. Shortly after moving to Charlotte, God introduced me to my future husband, Kurt Robertson.

Our Testimony

In the Summer or 2012, I (Kurt) surrendered my life to the call of God to reach the people of Korea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I began earnestly seeking a wife to help me reach the people. Two months after my surrendering to God’s call, He brought Rachel to Every Nation Baptist Church.  God had been doing a work in her heart as well just a few months prior. God began to work on her heart to surrender her life to all areas of ministry. She surrendered to missionary service and within four months, God moved her to Charlotte, NC and provided her with a job and a place to live. She began attending ENBC. When she first came, I walked right up to here and began a conversation. (Not knowing at the time that she was not the person that I thought she was.) We had a wonderful conversation. During the midst of our conversation, my roommate Lloyd approached us and said, “I see you have met Rachel.” At that moment I realized that I was not speaking to the person I thought that she was. I was so embarrassed. I politely excused myself and left them to talk. Little did I know, she didn’t realize what had happened. It took me sometime to get up the courage to speak with her again. Finally, after a month of waiting, I sent her a message on Facebook. God immediately blessed the friendship. We began spending most of our time talking and communicating with each other. By October 2012, we were an official couple. Within a few months of dating, God provided everything once again! God knew how tight money was for me being a full time college student and not able to afford a ring. I did not mention my thoughts to anyone except God and within a few weeks I was given an engagement ring. God had provided yet again.  A very beautiful five stone Diamond ring. I asked her to marry me in December and she said “Yes!” She began to attend the Sunday morning services at the Korean Church and developed a love and a burden for the people of Korea. It was during this time that God confirmed her call to work with the Korean people. We were married May 4, 2013 one day following my graduation from Ambassador. And the rest, as the saying goes, is History.