God’s wonderful people are why we are in the ministry today. As such, we wanted to make a place for people we meet along lifes road to put a word or encouragement or a story about something that the Lord has blessed them with through our ministry.

The first testimonial is a letter from pastor Lanny Funchess from our sending Church, Grace Baptist Church. The second testimonial is a letter from our previous pastor Norman Johnston at Korean Bible Baptist Church.

Kurt and Rachel Robertson are members of Grace Baptist Church in Henrietta, North Carolina. While attending Ambassador Baptist College, Kurt was active in help to establish a Korean church in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. It was there he became burdened and his love for the Korean people began to grow. Upon completing his work at ambassador, he and his wife surrendered to the Lord for the purpose of going to the country of Korea to preach the Gospel and plant New Testament Baptist Churches. He and Rachel applied to Baptist Missions to Forgotten People in Jacksonville, Florida. They were accepted as missionaries under that board and are now preparing to begin their deputation in view of service. Grace Baptist Church is honored to be their sending church. Because of their faithfulness during their college time and since, I believe they are worthy of your consideration and support. — Pastor Lanny Funchess, Grace Baptist Church, Henrietta, NC.


In his letters, the Apolstle Paul often commended his co-workers to the good will of the churches of his time. This is likewise a commendation of our co-workers i nthe ministry here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kurt and Rachel Robertson love the Lord and His work. Kurt and Rachel love each other and the son God has given them. Kurt and Rachel love people. In particular, they love the Korean people. These two have surrendered to God’s call on their lives to be missionaries to the Korean people. They have completed their college preparation, and they have interned faithfully in the Korean Bible Baptist Church here in Charlotte. Now they come to you as appointed missionaries to the Korean people, sent from their home church under the designated watch care of the Baptist Missions to Forgotten People missionary agency. It is my settled conviction that they are faithful and worthy of your consideration. They are God’s servants. Please help speed their way to Korea. — Pastor Norman L. Johnston Korean missionary church planter.