We are the Robertson family. My name is Kurt and my wife’s name is Rachel. God has blessed us with two adorable children, Samuel and Annaliese. God has called our family to take the Gospel to the people of Korea. Apart from Christ, there is no hope for any people. We can see this in our very own country. America has left God and has sought out worldly pleasures and materialism. We now worship the creature instead of the creator. The only hope for America is to turn back to God through the blood of Jesus Christ.

In much the same way, Korea is following in America’s footsteps. They have adapted a lot of our customs and they are facing some of the same decisions that our churches were facing about 10 years ago. A lot of South Korea has turned to the modern charismatic movement and has fully embraced the ecumenical movement. It is our hope and prayer that the Korean people will receive the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and learn to live a life of peace and complete obedience toward God. 

The Korean people are steeped in materialism and sin. They have forgotten God and have turned to their own ways. In truth, they need help. The only help they truly need is Jesus Christ. It is our goal to reach these people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please take some time to read over our information on the work which God has called us. If you would like more information on our ministry please feel free to email us at

Following His Footsteps to Korea,

Kurt Robertson